Self-Care Checklist

Heyyyy, Sis,

How is your self-care routine?

I know it’s hard to find time to incorporate relaxation and calm into a BUSY day or week. But, sis, did you know practicing self-care regularly can improve your focus, enhance your self-esteem, reduce stress, and foster healthier relationships? These are just a few benefits of self-care; there are many more.

So, what is self-care?

Self-care is an activity that helps us relax, refresh, and refocus. That’s it, plain and simple.

Consider these essential areas of self-care: emotional, mental, spiritual, professional, physical, and social health. Self-care doesn’t necessarily cost you anything, but it does require time, consistency, and intentionality to reap the benefits. Sis, YOU ARE WORTH IT! YOU DESERVE time to care for yourself!

So, how can we ensure that we practice self-care daily? I’m glad you asked! I’ve created a 10-step checklist to guide you towards a successful daily, weekly, or monthly self-care routine. Check it out below and be prepared to feel absolutely AMAZING!

  1. Set daily reminders! (Most of us carry our phones everywhere, so why not set a SELF-CARE reminder to help ensure you get it done daily. Be creative!)
  2. Add it to your calendar or to-do list. (If you have a list of things to do anyway, why not add self-care to the list as well?)
  3. Prepare your mindset. (Believe you deserve peace and calm. If you don’t believe it for yourself, no one else will.)
  4. Feed your mind. (What can you focus on or meditate on that will bring you a sense of calm? Consider positive quotes, motivational videos, or books.)
  5. Decide on the activity you will do. (What does your body and mind need today? Focus on how long you will indulge in this self-care activity to relax and replenish. Just decide to DO IT!)
  6. Examine your work schedule. If you work, identify where you can fit in self-care, plan time off, and take mental health days. Use your paid time off as often as possible.
  7. Connect with your support system. If you haven’t in a while, call someone or get out in the community. Find a support group, reach out to your church, and seek out others who care about your well-being.
  8. Prepare for a restful night of sleep. Set your phone on Do Not Disturb at a certain time, turn off the TV one hour before bedtime, and focus on positive things.
  9. Self-reflect. Think about what you did to take care of yourself today. How did it make you feel?
  10. Repeat all steps tomorrow!

Stay amazing, sis!

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